2,184 Cases of Beer

Highway 401 in Mississaugua was closed on May 11, 2005 after an accident that spilled 2,184 cases of Grolsch beer. A woman driving a car swerved out of her lane and into the path of a Molson beer truck, causing the truck to roll over and the car to flip. One officer described the scene as "a sea of beer".
An accident involving two freight trucks has ensured that the N36 between Mariƫnberg and Hardenberg had to be closed for several hours to all traffic. For over a hundred meters, the wayside (or the road) was littered with broken glass, beer crates and bottles, police said.

The reason was two cars collided around one o'clock. One of the trucks was transporting beer and swerved. Despite this, the driver was unharmed. The other driver took off and continued to drive his truck away. He later was stopped in Almelo.

The cleanup activities took several hours. The road was reopened to all traffic an hour ago


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